Thursday, May 03, 2007

New clashes feared over Red Army graves

Young activists in New York City are organizing action against the US Government and "other capitalist dogs" such as shop owners. Sparked by recent events in Tallinn, Estonia, the activists are demanding the removal of what they call "an ancient imperialist law" that forbids the burial of Red Army soldier under NYC bus stops.

The Russian ambassador was not available for comment, but a committe is being sent from Moscow to demand the removal of the Bush administration. Unofficial documents leaked from Kreml names Edgar Savisaar as Putin's favourite candidate for the presidency of the USA.

The Bush administration already has its hands full, as India is protesting against a law that forbids cows from walking freely in the streets of US cities. Unless India's demands are met, this year's US tax returns will be outsourced*) to US high school students.

*) A large percentage of the processing of US tax returns is outsourced to India because it is cheaper.

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