Monday, December 31, 2007

Jaan Kross 1920-2007

When I first started to read Keiserns Galning, I thought it might be an autobiography. Not that it fits with Jaan's actual timeline, but either way it felt as if the author wrote it a very long time ago, and naturally had to be dead now.

Then I learned that he was very much alive. I decided that Jaan Kross therefore is immortal. Kind of like a vampire, except he writes to stay alive instead of sucking blood.

When I received the news that he had just passed away, I was proven wrong. He is not immortal. But I expect that also this assumption is wrong, and that we will receive new reports of Jaan Kross sightings in Bermuda on January 31st 2012.

As for Keiserns Galning, I have not completed reading it. The book is still in some box after the last move, so I'm not completely sure where it's located.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beware other drivers

I have always been very wary other drivers. You never know what they might do. I frequently find myself turning on the fog light and slowing down just to keep someone from driving less than 10 cm behind me. After getting an infant in the car, I have become even more paranoid about those pilots driving other vehicles.

For a while, I have been looking for some sort of bumper sticker to make those pesky tailgaters off my tail, but no gas station within 200 miles have any of the sort. So I decided to make my own.

The stickers come in three languages: Norwegian, Estonian and English. For obvious reasons, the English text is emphasized in the multilingual versions of the sticker.

Click on any of the stickers above, and you can get one, too. (Then it remains to be seen if the tailgaters actually know how to read or, for that matter, care.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Under bananskallet (under the banana peel)

Gards diktsamling Under bananskallet er no tilgjengeleg på nett. Fyrst publisert av Scriba Press i 2006 og prenta berre på spesialordre, kan ho no kjøpast på nettet via Trollsilm VevButikk.

Boka inneheld ei mengde dikt frå dagane på vidaregåande og ei novelle er òg med på kjøpet. Vi er usikre om dette er Gardistans beste eller verste. Men, som enkelte vil seie, dersom du har lyst til å verte deprimert, so er dette ein må-lese. (Og kan til og med fungere som verkemiddel til å gløyme norsken sin. Hmmm...)

Gard's poetry collection Under bananskallet is now available online. Originally published by Scriba Press in 2006 and printed on special orders only, it can now be ordered online via the Trollsilm WebShop.

The book contains a whole bunch of poems from the high school days and a short story as well. We're not sure if it's Gardistan's best or worst. However, as some will say, if you want to get depressed, this is a must read. (And might be an incentive not to learn Norwegian. Hmmm...)