Thursday, September 22, 2005

When the generator dies...

...everything goes flat. Including the battery.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A sunny day in Gardistan

Sssshhh! Secret!

I was in this office building. Fourth floor. Outside, I could see another building, as well as something that resembled an air strip. There were lots of things down there. Experimental vehicles. Parts of rockets. One part that the scientists were working on seemed to be running rampant, but neatly worked itself towards and entered the cone of a rocket. It was a perfect match. So the propellant was not at the bottom as usual. This thing was actually in the cone.

Everyone were wearing clothes from the 80s, I though. In retrospect (after I woke up), they were wearing clothes from the 70s. But I could clearly sense it was from the 80s. There people have been stuck there for ages, I reckoned. They don't know what's happening in the outside world. They think it's still the same world as when they entered the facility in the 70s. All they care about is technological process, and wouldn't know that the world has changed.

A couple of friends came out of the other building. I asked them by sign language if they got the funding for their project. They shrugged. Didn't know yet. There were Russians. A lot of Russians. They seemed to be running the place. I got a little nervous, because I wasn't really supposed to open the window to talk to my friends.

So this woman entered the room and asked me to transfer the source code of my project to another computer. She took me to a different room, handed me a laptop, and had me lay back in bed whilst working, making sure I was really comfortable. Pampered, even. No reason not to work. Just lay back, enjoy the comfort, and transfer that source code to the laptop. I realized that while I was working, she was getting ready to dispose of me, so I stalled. Complained about bad network connection. The longer this took, the longer I'd stay alive.

I woke up, and the sun was shining outside.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Office Hammock

Snow in my path

Winter comes early

Crystal Skull

On the radio, they were talking about the crystal skulls that have been found throughout the Americas. They were going to discuss "blowing up the skull" and envisioned a blue explosion.

A crystal skull appeared beside me on the sofa, and the people on the radio said that "it's just amateurs who keep discussing crystal skulls on the radio, but don't actually use them."

So I picked the skull up from the sofa and looked at it. It transformed into a demon head, similar to the rubber masks worn in Angel (TV-series). Indeed, it was similar to Lorne, except it was not blue. It was not attached to a body, but it moved. And smiled at me. The eyes looked real. As I stared into its eyes, the head said "Geahča," (Look/Watch!) and I looked outside.

I was no longer on the plateu, but down by the ocean, in a bay. Where islands had been before, there was now water. The ocean was 10 metres above normal. I could only see tree tops sticking up from the water in some places, and large sail boats were sailing where before it had been impossible. A storm was headed this way.

Just as I woke up, it started snowing.