Monday, February 06, 2006

Sámi National Day

February 6th is the Sámi National*) Day.

*) Some claim that it is not a national day, because "Sápmi is not an actual nation, and it is therefore called 'The day of the Sámi people'." For those who were planning on adding a lot of comments about this need to check the dictionary definition of the word nation. Norway is a multi-national country.


Anonymous said...

Ok, it's a national day, but what day is it? For example, the national day of Norway is the Constitution day. What signifiance does Feburary 6th have to the Sámi people?

Gard E Abrahamsen said...

The first Sámi national assembly held in Trondheim on February 6th 1917. The purpose was for the Sámi nation as a whole to cooperate on Sámi issues, instead of remaining split by the artificial borders set by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The day has been celebrated since 1993.