Friday, February 24, 2006

The newly borns

Subject A was born on the floor under the sofa. That would be before I was "summoned" to assist with the birth.

The only difference I have been able to tell between subject B and C is the width of the white stripe on the forehead. Subject B has a narrower stripe than subject C.

Subject C

Subject D is the skinnest of the lot, and differs by having various dark orange spots and as you barely can see, a tiny spot of white.

But seeing the difference between A and E - they are both pitch black...

Subject F, however, is quite unique, and seems to be the healthiest of the lot.


FreeThinker said...

SO cute!

stockholm slender said...

Congratulations on the brand new cats!
(p.s. this is actually M's blog but i use it just this time...)

violet said...

I'm going to be unoriginal and just agree with the previous posts