Friday, February 24, 2006

Born on the Estonian National day

I was just going to post a photo of the Estonian flag today, but lacked an actual flag to take a photo of. Besides, I suddenly got a lot of other things to think about. Five of them, to be exact.

It started at approximately 5:30 in the morning, when I heard a high pitched mieuw from the living room, and a more adult and concerned mieuw from outside my bedroom door, accompanied by some scratching. Natasja had given birth to her first child - under the sofa.

I hurridly moved Boris out of the box he had annexed for the night, and put Natasha with child in it. We don't want the kids to be crawling around on the floor just yet. Placing the box just beneath the sofa, I could lie down and keep Natasja company while she gave birth to her next four children, making sure everything went well, and that she felt comfortable. Meanwhile, Boris was sitting in the window watching the sun rise.

As things calmed down, Boris joined me on the sofa, looking into the wonder that had been going on in the box. "That's your children, Boris," I told him.

"Mrrrrrieuw," he responded, jumped down on the floor and demanded that I put the breakfast out immediately. It's hard work watching the sun rise.

Update at 18:20
When I came home, I saw a kitten that was not there when I left for work. White with black spots - I would have seen it had it been there. I counted them again. Six. Yupp! Someone was born after I left for work...

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