Friday, April 18, 2008

Web page bugs

Dear programmers of,

I entered my SSN and what was obviously the wrong password. So I clicked "Forgot my password". As a response, I get a message that my SSN is wrong, since I didn't type it back in.

So I enter my SSN again and click "Forgot my password". Your page now tells me it's the wrong password. Of course it's the wrong password, that's why I clicked "Forgot my password"!

I repeat this step. SSN, click "Forgot my password". Et voila! My account has been blocked for 24 hours. Thank you so much!

Update 21.04.2008: I received a response from, telling me that if I have forgotten my password, I should click the "Forgot my password" button. Funny!


Anonymous said...

Did you submit feedback, or are the programmers regulars on your blog? :^)

Painting waves in clouds said...

Well, of course I left feedback!

Alphapenguin said...

I don't know if this is related to your specific case, but it's amazing how many web programmers neglect to account for missing javascript and/or cookie support. Some sites will throw you into an endless redirect loop in those instances. And before you accuse me of being an old fuddy using Lynx, let me tell you I prefer to browse with Firefox with the Noscript and CS Lite addons.

Just a little peeve of mine :)