Monday, October 19, 2009

There be magic

I finally went for that hike to the top of the hill behind our cabin. Up there, I found a wonderful view of the village beneath and the fjords beyond. (I would have shared a photo if I could, but the battery charger for our EOS 100D is kaputt, hände hoch! and so is the TyTN II)

On the way back down, I came across a fallen tree. The tree had rid itself of its bark, and was leaning towards a live tree. It had been in this position for quite a while, there was plenty of growth in the soil where the roots had once clinged on to rocks. I could not help but feel the strong presence of this tree, as if it had not really left, but had merely reached out and expanded its region of influence.

"There's a lot of magic here," I thought, spoke to the tree and agreed to exchange a gasket and a coin for a twig. The gasket went around a neighbouring twig, and the coin went under the root.

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