Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The irony

Big business is trying to pick up on "The Green Wave" in all the wrong ways. From today's interesting package, "This year's IT event will focus on environmetal friendliness and [economic viability]" with furter details about how you become more economic by using less paper, don't have to travel round half the country to have a meeting and save on work hours. "It even becomes cost effective."

This is from the invitation to the Ementor Community 2007, October 23rd. In order to participate and "show" how much I care about the environment, I'm asked to fly across the ENTIRE country to meet them in Oslo. This is printed on bleached 350g paper with glossy finish, accompanied by a 52 page A3 catalogue of products that they have started to send me on what seems to be a monthly basis. The catalogue and the invitation came with an additional A4 letter and wrapped in redundant plastic wrapping.

Now, why do I find it so difficult to take these people's "environmental stand" seriously?

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