Monday, June 11, 2007

Larger fines

Norway is well known for its large fines for breaking the law. Especially speeding can cause very large fines. Some fines, however, are not quite as well known.

Norwegians who decide to fall in love with a foreigner does not automatically have the right to a family life. He or she has to pay a fairly large fine for littering the Norwegian racial gene pool. Last year, the fine was NOK 800 (ca €100). January 1st 2007, the fine increased 37.5% to NOK 1100 (ca €138). Only six months later, on June 1st 2007, the fine made another 173% jump to NOK 3000 (ca €375), which results in a 275% increase over only six months. I wished my own salary increased this fast.

Well, the Norwegian who doesn't keep the race clean basically has two choices: Pay the fine (equivalent to driving 75 km/h in the 60 km/h limit) four years in a row and maybe keep your family or get the heck out of the country.


nando said...

UNREAL! You guys are surreal.

Best reGards from Brazil


Anonymous said...

There is also a fine for having a TV set, a car or a paid job. The more valuable the job, the higher is the fine. So, how much is a foreign family member worth in Norway, is he/she cheaper or more expensive than a couple of cars, and do you agree with the verdict?

Painting waves in clouds said...

TV license, car registration and income tax are for everyone. However, foreigners working in Norway under the EEC regulatins do not have to pay to keep their families together. Nor does a refugee or a Norwegian citizen married to another Norwegian citizen. The fee discriminates specifically against Norwegian citizens married to a foreigner, even if the foreigner comes from an EEC country. Hence, this is indeed a law to enforce racial cleansing of Norway.

This is part of a larger set of laws that discriminates against Norwegian men and Norwegian fathers in particular.

id said...

this seems impossible but i ave no reason to trust it -can any particular article of the law that stipulates this be cited and what is the legal reasoning behind this?

Painting waves in clouds said...

Directly from UDI - First increase:
Second increase:

A legal worker has cited the reason for the change of fee to "cover the cost of processing". While previously all visas would have the same processing fees, they are now differentiated based on processing time. However, EU/EEC work visas are free according to EU regulations, and asylum applications are free. These costs are therefore covered by a general fee increase of all other visas.

I will attempt to get an official statement from UDI.

jen said...

WOW! I did not realize that countries were still trying to keep their "race" clean. Do they realize that the Norwegian race was not, is not and never will be "clean"? Hopefully, if they do not they will realize it soon.

sharon said...

god no wonder my boyfriends family don't like his choice of female friend and children. he is indian i am new zealander - both almost australian citizens. the fine is huge. cut off his inheritance - but we don't care!

nice to read your entry. kind regards from Australia.