Monday, May 22, 2006

First ever: Finland wins Eurovision 2006

It was one of those eerie moments, when I discovered the huge cultural gap between Finland and Norway. Ice hockey was more important than Eurovision! When the game finally ended, we were nine songs into the most significant event of European TV of the year: The 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, Melody Grand Prix.

Finland won the Eurovision song contest for the first time ever, and they still had to close the pub at the usual time. Nachspiel at the arras across the street. Lordi proclaimed later on TV that he wouldn't speak Finnish publicly because of his Lappland accent.

Grrrr. Be proud of your heritage, Lordi. After all, not only did you and your comrades achieve Finland's first ever complete success in MGP, but you broke all records of total number of points ever given to someone in the competition. Let us not have next year's Eurovision in Helsinki, but send it to the Siida in Rovaniemi instead. That would be very cool.

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