Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Crystal Skull

On the radio, they were talking about the crystal skulls that have been found throughout the Americas. They were going to discuss "blowing up the skull" and envisioned a blue explosion.

A crystal skull appeared beside me on the sofa, and the people on the radio said that "it's just amateurs who keep discussing crystal skulls on the radio, but don't actually use them."

So I picked the skull up from the sofa and looked at it. It transformed into a demon head, similar to the rubber masks worn in Angel (TV-series). Indeed, it was similar to Lorne, except it was not blue. It was not attached to a body, but it moved. And smiled at me. The eyes looked real. As I stared into its eyes, the head said "Geahča," (Look/Watch!) and I looked outside.

I was no longer on the plateu, but down by the ocean, in a bay. Where islands had been before, there was now water. The ocean was 10 metres above normal. I could only see tree tops sticking up from the water in some places, and large sail boats were sailing where before it had been impossible. A storm was headed this way.

Just as I woke up, it started snowing.

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